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It is an outburst of joy and colours. The dish is a delight for the sight and an invitation to use and abuse without moderation. Don't fear to have indigestion. Some find there is not enough and wish to have more. Other are so fond they only feed themselves with this recipe and are ready to fast for years. All are also ready to travel all around the world just to taste a new one.

A special thank to the following cookers who succeeded so well this only one of its kind in the world recipe.

Jean Marie FICHEZ and François GODARD




Pictures were shot with my digital camera ( my birthday presant ), a pair of sun glasses, a bike and a great effort to pedal to the top of the hill. After work time, I went to Circular Quay ( the Sydney harbour bridge ) for a ride. I wished to have the smoke column of the burning bush picture. Then I dashed home ( trains traffic was disrupted as light was interrupted ), but I was warned ( fire and heath ), a very "hot" day. Back home I rode my bike and charged at Bondi heights ( Vaucluse, Dover Heights ), a park overviewing Sydney. You can see the surrounding smoke. This explains how I could make the pictures just using my digital camera through the sun glasses.

François GODARD from Sydney.




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